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    at the Hotel Villa Blu Cortina

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We are ready to give you our warm welcome!

Dear Friends,

The main focus of Boutique Hotel Villa is the HEALT and SAFETY of our Guests and Employes.

We have concentrated our energies working on a NEW HOSPITALITY MODEL, to improve ourselves, the hotel spaces and the services we offer. We will be accomodating you in the safest environment possible where to spend quiet moments of PEACE, JOY and RELAX.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES to ensure everyone safety have been taken, FOLLOWING the guidelines of LOCAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES.

We positive look at the future and we believe operating with attention and prevention regular life will be back soon.

Among the adopted measures we also OFFER A NEW DEDICATED RATE PLAN CALLED “COVID-19 FLEXIBLE VACATION RATE” which allow you to safely plan your vacation.


Team Boutique Hotel Villa Blu Cortina

Covid-19 Flexible Vacation Rate

Covid-19 Flexible Vacation Rate The Covid-19 Flexible Vacation Rate, give you the opportunity to easely plan your vacation.

15 days prior to arrival date the Hotel will charge the amount corresponding with the first night of your stay as confirmation deposit.

Free cancellation up to 15 days prior to arrival day.

  • In case of cancellation between 14 and 1 day prior to arrival or in case of no show the first night charged will be kept as cancellation penality.
  • In case of impediment to travel due to reasons directly connected with Covid-19, which were known after the free cancellation terms, in case the cancellation will be due to major force reasons, instead to lose the paied amount, the amount corresponding with the first night will be converted into a voucher of the same value spendable for a future stay within the next 12 months..

Application conditions:

  • IN CASE ONE OF THE TRAVELLERS RESULTS POSITIVE TO THE COVID-19 In order to apply the cancellation policy mentioned above, it will be necessary to send to the hotel the swab positive result with readable name of one of the travellers. (It is mandatory to comunicate to the Hotel within 48 hours from the reservation time, all the names of the travelling people for the reservation made by mail, to: booking@hotelvillalblucortina.it, penality, in case of missed transmission of the requested datas, the non application of the major force cancellation policies). The Hotel will be issuing a voucher of the same amount paied as deposit and spendable for a future stay within the next 12 months.
  • TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS In case of travel restrective amendment, involving international/national/regional borders issued by the Public Administration, the traveller will be requested to send to the hotel written comunication the impossibility to travel, by maximum 48 hours after the amendment issue. The Hotel once received teh comunication in time will issuing a voucher of the same amount paied as deposit and spendable for a future stay within the next 12 months.

Hygiene and safety procedures

We kindly ask to read the document carefully.

All these precautions have been adopted to protect the safety of our guests and employees.

Uncooperative behaviors that harm the right to health of other guests and employees cannot be tolerated.

Please note the below reported procedures could be updated at any time in case of any standards update pop up.

Safety distance

We kindly ask you to respect the safety distance of 1 meter from other people in all common areas, except for people who are part of the same family or who share a room.

To ask information to the departments and outlets you can approach the contact areas always maintaining the safety distance of 1 meter from employees to get in contact with them. These will be equipped with safety devices as required by regulations.

The use of elevators is allowed exclusively by wearing a face mask. The elevator can be used by one person at the time, this rule can be waived in the case of people who are part of the same family or who share a room, always by wearing a face mask.

Personal Hygiene

We kindly ask you to maintain a perfect hand hygiene by often washing them with water and soap and to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. In all common areas you will find hand sanitizer dispensers.

Safety devices

The use of a face mask is requested for our guests in all common areas of the hotel.

In the Hall, at the Bar and Restaurant the use of a face mask is requested apart the moment guest are sitting at their tables, it is mandatory to keep safety distance from other guests and employees. When removing the mask, please never place it on tables or chairs, but put it in your own bag or pocket.

Please do not abandon used masks or tissues, but through them away in the appropriate containers located in the common areas of the hotel. This will allow a correct and safe waste disposal.


In order to avoid gatherings and to reduce the time spent in the reception area, guests will be asked to:

  • send to the hotel before arrival all information required together with copy of ID, this to be exhibited upon arrival;
  • keep the keys for the duration of the stay;
  • favor payments with contactless systems.

The evening before departure the hotel will issue a proforma invoice to be delivered to the guest to have the opportunity to check it and to avoid further contacts with the front desk upon check-out.The room keys together with the keychains will be sanitized upon every check-out.

For the baggage handling disposable gloves are required for the hotel staff.

In case of multiple reservations (groups, families, etc.) the group leader or the head of the family will be invited to act alone through the check-in procedure and for all other needs at the reception. In this case the delivery of the rooming list must be received within the day before arrival. The keys, together with luggage tags, will be given to the group leader or to the head of the family who will distribute them to the guests.


The cleaning and disinfection of the rooms will be carried out by a single person in order to avoid exposure. If necessary, two people can operate, for example in the case of handling furniture or other heavy objects.

The staff in charge of cleaning and refurbishing the rooms and cleaning the halls and common areas is equipped with individual protection devices necessary for the proper performance of the work entrusted to them. The rooms, common areas and furniture will be properly ventilated, cleaned and sanitized with products and methods consistent with the law.

Unnecessary ornaments and furbishing such as rugs, pillows, runners and other elements that do not support daily cleaning have been removed. In the common areas (corridors, stairs, lobby, lounges, etc.) all the elements that come into repeated contact with guests, such as handles, grab bars, push-button panels etc. are cleaned at regular intervals.

Bar and Restaurant

Specific indications concerning good behavior and hygiene will be provided at the entrance of the areas intended for the administration of food and drinks. Service of administration of drinks and food will be carried out at the table by personnel equipped with safety devices.

You are required to wait for staff instructions before sitting down at the table. A table will be assigned to each room or family unit for the duration of the stay. Tables will be placed at a distance of one meter from each other so that the distance of one meter between the seated guests is respected.

At each service, all objects, linens and surfaces in the room including the floor will be cleaned and disinfected and / or replaced. The staff will avoid, as far as possible, access to the rooms, or if necessary, will minimize the stay and contact time.

Servizio in camera

Take Away
In the event of a request for takeaway food, this, will be prepared according to current health and hygiene standards and will be delivered to guests in suitable disposable containers.

We will continue to monitor and evolve solutions to ensure a continuous improvement of our precautionary procedures to safeguard the health and safety of employees, guest and partners.

We can’t wait to see you soon!